Tuesday, December 23, 2008

To All My Friends and Family,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I actually would rather write a personal letter to each of you but it’s not going to happen. So I am going to try to put an update to all on what has happened through 2009 for my family.
-In the beginning of the year- I had Jason, Jessica and their son Cody living in my basement along with Esther, Sarah, Naomi and of course me J Joshua had moved out the end of 2007. Josh was living in an apt. not too far from us.
-On April 12th – Josh married Amber Hunt in the SLC Temple.
-In May- Esther graduated from Ben Lomond High School.
-In June we took the girls on a trip to Zions canyon. Josh and Amber came along on this trip with us. We stopped in Manti for a night and watched the Manti pageant. Yes we camped out on this trip of ours J. After Manti we went to St. George and visited with Rachael (who has been living in St. George attending Dixie college). We camped at Zions for couple nights enjoying the outdoors.
-Esther moved to St. George to join Rachael and attend Dixie college. About the same time that -Esther moved out. My brother Mike and his family of 8, moved in my home while they looked for a place of their own.
-September- Jason and Jessica bought a home in Riverdale and moved out…… just in the nick of time sense Jessica is due to have a baby in Oct. J
-August- Laura and her family moved to Utah. Korey’s job has given him a position that will keep them in Utah. They have sense bought a home in West Point.
-October- Jessica had a baby boy (Cayden) He is adorable and they are all doing very well. That makes two grandsons from Jason and Jessica. J
-Mike and his family also moved out in October. They are now living in Clinton. Now for the first time ever…. My household is simply Sarah, Naomi and I. J
-Thanksgiving was quiet at our house. Hannah and her family came by other wise it was two girls and I.
-On Dec. 1st…. I had Carbal tunnel surgery on both my hands. I have the greatest doctor and my hands are doing great. I have to take two weeks away from working at Walmart but that is all.
-On Dec. 8th – Hannah had a baby. J Little Conner is doing great. Conner is my 9th grandchild. I now have 2 grand-daughters and 7 grandsons!

------- We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!!! Judy, Sarah and Naomi

Ps. Esther is moving back here to Ogden to be near family.

Btw… Sarah is a senior this year and Naomi turns ‘16’
this month!