Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 2010 is well in progress!

Well here we are Loving January 2010. I for one am making some changes. I think it has taken me way to long to figure some of these things out or then again maybe it is just the right time now. For what seems like several years my home has slowly become everyone elses home and I just pay the bills. So just after Christmas it struck me I had to do something about this. I was totally tired of not enjoying "my home".
I started with the kitchen (which I am by all means not finished) I cleaned out cupboards- took out what I was not using and I layed down new contact papers on the shelves. I figured on two things- 1. the less I had in the kitchen the less could be soiled. 2. the cleaner the kitchen looked the more encouraging it would be for all to keep it clean. Then I layed down a 'old familar' rule - If you dirty any thing you clean it. The only difference this time is I have followed through with this rule. :) In the morning when I come home from work I have actually texted several girls saying "Did you leave a bowl in my sink" or "Did you leave my kitchen a mess" This is truly working... I see a difference and my kitchen is looking better. Of course I have had to push myself too. Even when I am tired and would like to leave a few dishes till later- I have washed up and cleaned up my kitchen. :)
Then came my living room....... It was while I was taking all Christmas decor out. I vacuumed from one corner to the other. I dusted everywhere and decluttered my living room. I also took the toy box out of my living room. (All the time I was raising my children I never had the toys in the living room but for some reason I have started to allow this with grandkids) Of course they can bring a few toys in the living room but they must learn to put them away. No longer are we storing them in the living room. It has not been perfect but it has been so much better. I have had to keep reminding kids to put their things away.
I have been trying each day to work on a new area even if I just get to do a few minutes worth of cleaning. I also have to keep working on reminding everyone to help and to keep my kitchen and living room clean. This is working for me and I am totally excited!!!