Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oh no I'm in trouble now....

I'm in trouble now...... she has this perm a grin on her face! She even told me that her smile is not going away!!!!! I guess it is something that is doomed to happen and I need to get it over with, but now??????????????????? She is the last one and then I have it over with. Oh why are girls so silly. The word is out......he sat by her on the bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no what am I to do????

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I love Sundays

I love Sundays!!!!! Truly a day of peace. A day I can slow down and be in touch with the Lord. I know we are to do this every day but Sundays is always the greatest. :)

Tagged for Seven

Tagged for 7
Ok - no fancy picture or even one to pass it on to
let alone seven. But here you are- Just for my seven,
sense I happen to have seven daughters :)
1. At 8 yrs. old I was Baptized on Okinawa (when my dad 'practiced' with me to just help me be less nervous he practived in the ocean).
2. As a Teenager I was dared at a yw/ym activity (this was called MIA when I was a teen, it is a church meeting) to jump off the diving board. My friend said she would be waiting for me in the pool to help me. Well despite the fact I could not swim I jumped! I don't know where my friend was, a life guard ended up helping me.
3. At another yw/ym activity - I entered a Dance festival. We were learning to square dance. I only joined because of a guy I liked joined in.... at one of the practices something went wrong as all the guys lifted the girls up in the air and we fell. It was the guy I liked that dropped me. As I landed I broke a bone in my wrist. I did get him to sign the cast :)
(this is hard! )
4. At 22 - living in SLC. I discovered how mean chickens can be. I started carring a pvc pipe with me when I gathered eggs. Many times I would have 10 cartons of eggs in my fridge. It was at this time I learned how to make a good omlet.
5. I have always loved nature... from when I was very young to the present time. So moving out to Park Valley and living with out power and water was not to hard for me. I could find beauty anywhere, even in the deseret of Utah.
(I know some of these are not unknown facts to children)
6. I have given birth to nine children, two sons and seven daughters. The last seven of my nine were born quite close... June 10, 1985 -to- Dec. 30, 1992. ~ Looking back I really am not sure how I did this :)
7. I have had "7" men ask me to marry them throughout my life. So see!!! I don't say yes everytime!!!!!!!!! lol.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Step Closer.......

Are you moving a step closer?
Or do you feel you are on a treadmill,
always moving and never going anywhere.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My favorite job......

I have been asked many times what job I liked best or what carreer do I desire.... and no matter what I have done or seen I still stand strong that my favorite job of all is being MOM. I have never recieved more satisfaction than from simple little things of motherhood. Of course then there is the role of being a

Monday, January 21, 2008

Why does it hurt so bad????

Why do somethings in life hurt so bad and yet seem so right? Why do we have to go through so many things in life that just seem to hurt and never stop. Is there ever the right answers? Choices we do that won't hurt. How much strength do we need? How strong must we become??? Oh my..............................